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Vesenjak Silvin


Multiple champion ! Slovenian, Enduro, Croatian, Motocross, Yougoslavian

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Slovenian Rider
Silvin Vesenjak in Tabok - 1998

Motocross History : How did you get in the world of motocycle ?

Silvin Vesenjak (SV) : My father and my uncle were motocross riders. My father, Stanko, from 1964 to 1971 and my uncle, Milko from 1965 to 1978.

When was your first race ?
SV : My first race was in May 1972 in Trzic (YU) on 50 ccm Tomos road bike prepared for motocross. That week end there was also the World championship race 250ccm. It was a very muddy race.

How was your first GP ?
SV : My first race in GP was 125 World Cup Championship in Trzic in 1974, but for World championship it was in Orehova Vas in 1975 in 125ccm class. I felt nervous, upset. I was sixteen years old in 1974. My best result was fifteenth place on the race in Tabor (CZ) in 1975.

                                                                               Fifthteenth in GP in Tabor (CZ)
Did you race a full GP season ?
SV : No I did not. The most races I drove in one year were three. In 500ccm class. All together I was driving ten GP. 125 : 4, 250 : 2, 500 : 4. I drove in 2006 also a veteran World championship at Namur. In the category over 40, I finished eleventh.

Did you race International in France ?
SV : No, I did not, but my father and my uncle did. They drove in Givry and Grasse.

In Europe ?
SV : Yes, in Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland.

                                                          International race in Austria #36, with Heinz Kinigadner

As Yougoslavia was a nonaligned country, was it easier to travel in western Europe for races ?
SV : People with Yugoslavian passport travelled in west or east Europe or all over the world with no problems. So I races where I wanted. But always there was money problem. In my time, we did not have motocross motorcycles stores in Yugoslavia, until 1988.

How where you organised to go to the races in Europe ?
SV : All drivers from ex-Yugoslavia were driving individual, so it was all on their own (motorcycle on the trailer, or later with van) going to the races.

                                                           Sivin is going to the races with his trailer

Whar were your favourite tracks ?
SV : In Europe my favourite tracks were in Czechoslovakia (natural tracks) and Orehova Vas (20 km from my home).

We know that your country is montainous, what is the main type of tracks ?
SV : All tracks were natural, earthy and no one was sandy. There were diverse, mostly hilly.

Did you race in supercross ?
SV : No.

What is your record ?
SV : I was Yugoslavian motocross Champion (B class) in 1975 in 125ccm and many times, third. In 1991 I was motocross Croatian Champion and third in Slovenia after the creation of the championships. This is th end of my first career ! The second one is from 2006 to 2010. I was Croatian and slovenian Enduro Champion and I finished fifth at the final of the European Enduro Championship Vetran in 1998. I drove once a world Enduro championsihp in Hungary. I participated also to the Alpe Adria Enduro Championnhip (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republik, Slovaquia). finally I finished eleventh at the Veteran World Championship at Namur in 2006 !

                                                                    Eleventh in Veteran World Championship (Namur 2006)

What was your job after racing ?
SV : I was driving motocross since 1972, until 1993. I got my first job in 1983, so I was driving also when I was at job. I worked in a metalworking company as a salesman.

Did you earn some money ?
SV : I bought my first motorcycle with my savings, second on loan, from my father. All the other motorcycles, I bought with prize money and payment from club or organizers of national and international races. I did not have any sponsors.

What were your strenghs ?
SV : My strenghs were driving technique and persistence, but always I lacked the physical strength.

1976 : Yugoslavian Champion 125ccm (B class)
1991 : Croatian Champion 125ccm
2000 : Croatian Champion Enduro 4 strokes
2008 : Alpe Adria Champion Enduro Veteran
2010 : Slovenian Champion Enduro Veteran
2007 : 2d Slovenia Championship Veteran
1981 : 3d Yugoslavia Championship 250ccm
1987 : 3d Yugoslavia Championship 250ccm
1991 : 3d Yugoslavia Championship 125ccm
1992 : 3d Slovenia Championship 125ccm
2006 : 3d Slovenia Championship Veteran
2008 : 3d Slovenia Championship Enduro
2010 : 3d Alpe Adria Championship Enduro Veteran

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