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Simon Ferenc


6 times Hungary Champion

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Hungarian rider
Ferenc Simon surrounded by two of his rivals : Sandor Tecsi and Andras Harangvolgyi

Motocross History : How did enter into the world of motorcycling ?
Ferenc Simon (FS) : A as a spectator during a race in 1958.

When did you rode a motrocycle for the first time ?
FS : In 1959 at Sumeg.

When was your first race ?
FS : For my first race, I fell !

How were you before approaching this race ?
FS : Rather nervous !

What are your career highlights ?
FS : I was Champion of Hungary six times in a row between 1965 and 1970 ! Four times in 250cc class from 1965 to 1968 and twice in 500cc class in 1969 and 1970. Recently I received a golden licence to reward my career, during a ceremony of the Hungarian Motorcycling Federation !

                                                                                                   Golden licence ceremony

Which one was the hardest to clinch ?
FS : 1965, because I had many problems with my bike, a Pannonia.

Did you raced in Grand Prix ?
FS : Yes, but I did not score any point.

Where was your first Grand Prix and how did you feel ?
FS : It was in Holice in 1964 and I was quite nervous.

Did you raced other Grand Prix ?
FS : Yes, in Kielce (Poland), Moscow and Apolda (East Germany).

How were you organized for your trips during the Grand Prix ?
FS : I travelled through the help of the motorsport Hungarian association.

Did you raced in other countries ?
FS : Yes I participated to internationals in France, Switzerland, West Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy ans Austria.

Have you been a factory rider ?
FS : Yes, Pannonia.

What were your favorite tracks ?
FS : Natural tracks.

What were your strentghs ?
FS : I was at ease on all types of tracks.

What is your best memory ?
FS : It was in Bulgaria in 1965, in Sipka. There were over hundred thousand spectators !

                                                                                                     Sipka race

Were you able to talk with foreign riders, when they came to Hungary ?
FS : No, the system did not authorize us.

Who were your most serious opponents ?
FS : During the national championships, I fought well with Sandor Tecsi, Jeno Mohacsi, Tibor Gal, Andras Harangvolgyi and Sandor Mate.

Do you still practice motocross ?
FS : Yes, every year there is a veterans race in Budapest.

[Pictures : Gyozo Czuczi - www.motocross.vasarhely.hu]
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