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Noyce Graham


Nicknam : Rolls Noyce

Par L'archiviste
English rider
Motocross History : When did you start to ride a motorbike ?

Graham Noyce (GN) : It was in 1965, I was 10 years.

What were your first competition race ?
GN : In 1967, I was 12. The race held in Reading and I finished third.

How many British titles did you clinch ?
GN : Seven. All in the 500cc class !

When did you think, you will be a World Champion ?
GN : I never thought about it. You have to train, train, train.

Even during the famous 1979 season ?
GN : No. You have to ride race after race. And one day you are World Champion.

What is your best Grand-Prix ?
GN : Those I raced at Sittendorf and Farleigh Castle.

Who were your best rivals ?
GN : Hakan Carlqvist, Brad Lackey also and Roger de Coster.

Where you a factory rider ?
GN : Yes for Honda in HRC team.

Which was your favourite track ?
GN : Payern in Switzerland is a very nice track.

What were your strenghs ?
GN : I never gave up. I did all my best

500cc World Champion 1979
500cc 2d World Champion 1981
500cc 3d World Champion 1983
Grand-Prix : 6 (500cc)

[Picture : L'archiviste - Tilly sur Seulles 2014]
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